GlobalLink Connect for Akeneo seamlessly connects Akeneo PIM and GlobalLink, allowing users to create translation requests for Products or Product Models from within Akeneo PIM. It uses Akeneo REST API to connect to the data sources. Following block diagram explains data flow between Akeneo PIM and GlobalLink Connect.




User sets custom attributes on one or more products or product models to flag them for translation into their desired target languages within Akeneo.


GlobalLink Connect plugin polls Akeneo for translatable products or product models using Akeneo REST API.

It extracts all localizable attributes of marked entities and initiates a translation workflow.


Content is translated and reviewed within GlobalLink. Client's reviewers can review the translated content within GlobalLink and provide feedback.


Upon completion of translation workflow, the final translated content is updated back into Akeneo using the REST API.

Supported Versions

GlobalLink Connect for Akeneo supports the following versions of Akeneo PIM:

  • Community Edition 2.3.
  • Community Edition 3.0.
  • Akeneo Cloud Serenity Mode - The Saas Edition of Akeneo.
  • Akeneo Cloud Flexibility Mode - The PaaS Edition of Akeneo.
  • Configure Akeneo

    The GlobalLink Connect integration relies on Akeneo Bulk-Edit action to update all selected products. The Akeneo system job queue daemons should be setup and running to ensure that the bulk-edit actions function correctly

    Create Attribute Group

    In order to submit products or product models for translations, a custom attribute group needs to be created. This group will hold all the attributes related to marking and tracking products for translation.

    Create attribute group named as Translations.
    1. Log in to Akeneo.
    2. Go to Settings > Attribute groups.
    3. Click on CREATE at top right and add new attribute group with code Translation .

    4. Click on SAVE.

    Create Attributes

    We need to create five GlobalLink attributes in Akeneo PIM to perform translations. Steps for creating attributes are as defined below:

    1. Log in to Akeneo.
    2. Go to Settings > Attributes.
    3. Click the CREATE ATTRIBUTE button present at top right corner of the page.
    4. Select Attribute Type: Yes/No

    5. Enter the following details :
      • Code (required): isTranslatable
      • Select Attribute group(required) as Translation
      • Usable in grid Enabled

      • In Label translations tab, enter value as isTranslatable in your locales e.g. English (United States)

      • Click on SAVE
    6. Create Second attribute as following :
    7. Select Attribute Type: Multi select.

      • Code (required): targetLocales.
      • Attribute group (required): Translation .
      • Usable in grid Enabled.
      • Click on SAVE.

      • In Options tab, click on ADD AN OPTION . In code field enter the target language code fr_FR and it's appropriate label to be displayed in different languages. In our case let us enter French. Click the green tick icon to add information.

      • In Label translations tab, enter value as Target Locales

      • Click on SAVE
    8. Create Third attribute as following :
    9. Select Attribute Type: Text.

      • Code (required): translationSubmissionName.
      • Attribute group (required): Translation .
      • Usable in grid Enabled.
      • Click on SAVE.

      • In Label translations tab, enter value as Translation Submission Name

      • Click on SAVE
    10. Create Fourth attribute as following :
    11. Select Attribute Type: Date.

      • Code (required): translationDueDate.
      • Attribute group (required): Translation .
      • Usable in grid Enabled.
      • Click on SAVE.

      • In Label translations tab, enter value as Translation Due Date

      • Click on SAVE
    12. Create Fifth attribute as following :
    13. Select Attribute Type: Simple Select.

      • Code (required): translationStatus.
      • Attribute group (required): Translation .
      • Value per locale Enabled.
      • Usable in grid Enabled.
      • Click on SAVE.

      • In Options tab, click on ADD AN OPTION and enter the details as provided below:
        CodeLabel in language e.g en-US

      • In Label translations tab, enter value as Translation Status

      • Click on SAVE

    Assign attribute group to families

    Once translation attribute group and attributes are created, we need to assign this translation attribute group to all existing families within Akeneo.

    1. Log in to Akeneo.
    2. Go to Settings > Families.
    3. Select all families listed.

    4. Click on BULK ACTIONS button at bottom and select Set attributes requirements and then click on NEXT.

    5. Click on ADD BY GROUPS drop down option and ADD newly created Translation attribute group as shown in below picture.

    6. Enable all options and click on Next.

    7. Click on CONFIRM.
    8. Once you confirm Akeneo background process will assign the "Translation" attribute group to all the families in system.

    Configure API Connection

    In order to connect with GlobalLink, we need to generate an API Client ID and API Client Secret key in Akeneo, which the connector will use to gain access to Akeneo.

    1. Log in to Akeneo using administrative credentials.
    2. Go to System > API Connections.
    3. Click on CREATE button.

    4. Enter the Label for API connection e.g. GlobalLink Connect and click on SAVE .
    5. On successful creation of API connection, you will be able to see the list of API connections.

    Translation Submission

    GlobalLink Connect allows you to translate content using two different approaches. Each client can choose the approach that is most suited for them based on their needs.

    Using Akeneo UI

    User can translate Products or Product Models from Akeneo, by setting translation attributes as below:

    1. Log in to Akeneo and navigate to Products
    2. Set the LOCALE to your source language
    3. Apply your desired filters to list the Products or Product Models that you would want to translate.
    4. From the search results, select Products or Product Models that you want to make a translation request for.
    5. Click on BULK ACTIONS button at bottom.

    6. Select Edit attributes values and click on NEXT.

    7. From SELECT ATTRIBUTES drop down search and select translation attributes Target Locales, isTranslatable, Translation Due Date and Translation Submission Name and click on ADD.

    8. Now select Target Locales from the select list.
    9. Enable the translatable attribute by sliding the toggle button towards Yes.
    10. Update Translation Due Date from the calendar.
    11. Enter the desired Translation Submission Name .

    12. Click on NEXT and CONFIRM operation.

    The bulk action "Edit attributes values" has been launched. You will be notified in the Akeneo Notification Bar once the bulk action is successfully executed.

    Once the GlobalLink Connect scheduled Poll runs at pre-set interval, it will fetch all Products or Product Models from Akeneo which are marked for translation and submits them for translation into the configured target languages. GlobalLink Translation connector will set the isTranslatable attribute value back to No once the products have been successfully sent for translation.

    About Translation Status at target locales:

    • IN PROGRESS: Means products or product models are submitted for translation.
    • TRANSLATED: Means translations have been successfully imported back for products or product models.
    • CANCELLED: If for some reason the translations have been cancelled, then the value of attribute Translation Status is set to CANCELLED.
    • UNCHANGED: If the product or product model has been translated earlier and there have been no updates since last translation, when such products or product models are submitted for translation again, GlobalLink cancels translations of those products automatically (provided change detection has been enabled for clients), in such cases value of attribute Translation Status is set to UNCHANGED at target locales.

    2. Using GlobalLink Connect UI

    GlobalLink Connect also provides a visual content navigator and allows you to batch select entries from within the GlobalLink Connect UI.

    1. Log in to GlobalLink Connect and go to Translate > Akeneo.

    2. Choose one of the following actions to select the content for translation:
      • Select relevant catalog listed on the page by selecting the adjacent checkboxes.
      • Expand each content type in the content model hierarchy, then choose one or multiple entries.
    3. Click Next.

    4. Enter the submission information in the SUBMISSION DETAILS fields.



      Submission Name

      Enter a unique submission name.

      Select Target Language/s

      Select languages for translation.

      Due Date

      Select a due date for translation completion.


      Enter translation instructions to accompany the submission.

      Upload Reference File

      Select to have reference files accompany the submission.

      Add Tag

      Enter metadata tags to attach to the job for later searches or queries.

    5. Review the submission summary.
    6. Click Submit.